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            佛山市創天化學纖維有限公司創立于2007年,主要從事高性能復合材料產品銷售及相關產品的生產與開發;我們與世界各大原材料生產廠商保持良好合作關系;提供高品質的產品和服務支持。 我司提供全方位的復合材料產品,目前主要產品包括:各種厚度的碳纖維板:全碳纖維板,半碳纖維板,碳纖維片(單張薄片),TPU碳纖維(玻璃纖維布)皮革(箱包、錢包、手套,鞋子專用)、各種厚度的玻璃纖維板;代理及銷售各種進口的纖維布:碳纖維布(1K、1.5K、3K、6K、12K平、斜紋、3K斜紋單面定型布專業使用于汽車大包圍)、碳纖維混編織玻纖布、碳纖維混編織凱芙拉布、碳纖維預浸布、彩色電鍍玻璃纖維布(1K、3K平、斜紋)、仿黑白編織玻纖編織布(1K、3K、6K)、凱芙拉(Dupont Kevlar)編織布、Nomex紙蜂窩。其產品使用于:碳纖維模型配件、五金工藝品、首飾品、紐扣、箱包裝飾、汽車大包圍、電器絕緣、體育用品、運動器材、鞋類、揚聲器(音盆)、自行車、造船、安全帽、醫療器材。 我們愿以忠誠守信、高效熱情的服務方式與新老客戶合作、共同發展 Foshan Newsky Chemical Fiber Company Limited was founded in 2007, mainly engaged in high-performance composite material product sales and related products production and development; we and the world's major producers of raw materials to maintain good relations of cooperation; to provide high-quality products and services support.Division I provide a full range of composite materials products, the current main products include: all kinds of thickness of carbon fiber sheet: full carbon fiber, a carbon fiber, carbon fiber sheet ( sheet), TPU ( carbon fiber glass fiber cloth ) ( bags, wallet, leather gloves, shoes special ), a variety of glass thickness fiber board; agents and sales of various kinds of imported fiber cloth: carbon fiber cloth ( 1K, 1.5K, 3K, 6K, 12K, 3K twill twill, single-sided cloth stereotypes professional use in car surrounded by large ), carbon fiber mixed weaving glass fiber cloth, carbonThe use of its products: carbon fiber model accessories, metal crafts, jewelry, buttons, bags, decoration, car surrounded by large, electrical insulation, sporting goods, sports equipment, footwear, speaker ( cone ), bicycle, shipbuilding, safety helmet, medical equipment.We would like a loyal and trustworthy, warm and efficient service with the old and new customers, and common development





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