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          1. 2020年06月30日
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            Services for the Chinese
            medicine industry, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of member units, and promote the standardization and development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, promote Chinese culture to better meet people's needs for drugs.
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            The China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association(CBPIA) was prepared the establishment by the former Ministry of Commerce and formally founded under the sanction of the Ministry of civil administration of People's Republic of China,The CBPIA is the only national wide mass organization with the position of legal person in the China biochemical pharmaceutical industry, covers verious departments and possesses various economic systems of ownership.

              The aims of CBPIA is to carry out the country's policies and laws, to serve as a bridge and tie between the Government and enterprises and be as the Government's assistant for administrating the trade. The CBPIA insists on serving the industry's whole interests, protecting its member units' interests and seeking the mutual development of the whole trade. The CBPIA also promotes the progress of technology and the improvement of enterprises administration level and economic benefits and social benefits.

              The main tasks of CBPIA are:

              --to assist the responsible departments to manage the trade effectively.

              --to collect and sort out the relative information of the trade at home and abroad.

              --to organize the exchange of scientific and technological information and offer consulting services.

              --to put forward development plans.

              --to organize drawing up relative laws regulations standards and advanced technical targets of the trade.

              --to undertake the estimation and demonstration works of the important projects.

              --to organize to promote the economical and technical cooperation among the member units.

              --to develop the production of considerable scale.

              --to coordinate the relationship among the enterprises between industry and commerce and between industry and trade and promote the mutual development of the production and management.

              --to spread the application of new technology and new equipment and newraw and supplementray material in whole trade.

              --to organize personnel training to enhance the qualities of production and technology managers.

              --to develop wider spread international exchanges and cooperation , learn each other and spread the advanced technology and the experiences of production and management.

              The Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry which is new high technical trade has wider development field in China. Under the new situation of China's reform and open policy and implementing the socialist marketing economy, the association with its more than 289 member units is willing to establish friendly exchanges with relative associations commercial firms, mass organizations, colleges and business at home and abroad and conduct coooperation and exchanges in the fields of production scientific technology, new products development, management and foreign trade. Let us mutually make a new contribution for the health of the whole mankind.

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